Unfair rant.

Hey Knit buddies,

I'm quite a quiet member of the MWK community, but I regularly check in on people's projects/lives. Wooling and non-wooling related activites etc etc. It breaks up the office afternoon and puts me in a better mood. Not that I'm usually grumpy. I'm a 'happy go lucky/beer' kinda guy. But dudes, I'm grumpy. I'm in bad-ass mood. And it's nothing to do with wool, MWK, or anything other than STUPID WORK. Hence the 'unfair rant', but I need to off-load. (clears throat).

Ick. I've been at my desk for nearly 14 hours. The muscle is in my neck is so tight my left shoulder is climbing in my ear. I will never stand upright again, which is a problem as I think I might have developed piles. I've started to realise that I am on of those NUTS who goes home for lunch and comes back with an Uzi to take out their office and is thinks they're justified in doing so. For the good of humanity. Let' s make the world a better place. Gnark.

And I've developed the look of a crazy person. EVERYTHING is an irritation (except you fine gentlemen) and I audibly mutter this to myself as I walk down the street. And god I hate this city. The people are suffering from a severe case of inbreeding depression and I don't understand their accents - and this is my city, and it has somehow leached into my (expletive- ing) joints. My knees creak. I can no longer run. The roof tiles need replacing, my house is so damp my birthday cards curled and fell over in less than a day.

I drive a french hatchback.
An old french hatchback.

Does anybody want to purchase some double knit bamboo cotton? It'll take half of your life to knit into anything wearable and is the colour of decayed entrails.


Paul x


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Here's hoping the rant helped clear your psyche. Treat yourself to some quality knitting time after a long rest with warm water, whether shower or tub. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

You have to go to Newport.
Access from the A4042, the traffic will enrage you.

Anyone living in Kingston upon Hull deserves the deepest sympathy. I blame that North Sea cold myself.

What about using the yarn to actually knit up some entrails? You could pack them under your jacket, and then act like you're going to be sick...

sick of being irritated, that is!

so sick that your entrails erupt out and spill all over the office/bar/bus/insert-your-own-inappropriate-venue.

Are you at least going to post a picture of the yarn?

If nothing else, you could at least sneeze/puke some unspecified-but-sufficiently-long-to-do-the-trick amount of yarn in a big tangled mess on one of your inbred irritants...

Best of luck to you. If its any consolation, there are inbred idiots everywhere

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Would be a good use of I-Cord!

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I think I love you!!! Your life makes mine sound so much better! It reminds me of a friend of mine in Austrailia who when I am down she always says, "Throw some cement on your cereal and toughen up princess!" Maybe not for you ... but works for me.

Write me and we will talk,


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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'ull, eh? Not Cottingham, by any chance?

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To think I'm moving ti the UK this Saturday..... Now I am depressed. Look what I have to look forward to. Can I join your cranky group? .... Looks like I'll need someone to commiserate with. Do you have any French wine to go with the French car?
There maybe the answer. Let me know and keep your chin up.