scarf / shawl with open diamonds

I started knitting a new shawl. The pattern name is "Scarf with open and solid diamond lace edging from Weldon's, 1904. The pattern is in Victorian Lace Today. I have this strange Italian yarn called Botto Poala. I looked all through my patterns and this is the one pattern that I thought would be nicest. The yarn is thin and bumpy, so it's very clingy. The yarn is wrapped up in this enormous cone. I am essentially doubling the width of the scarf and inserting a column of diamonds up the center. Maybe I should call it a shoulder wrap. This is being worked on US 8 needles. I have absolutely no clue if this stuff is going to block out to be full of little holes and be airy, or just stay all stretchy like it is now.

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I'm thinking it looks pretty dang good as it is; so it certainly should be fine later.

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Makes me wish I could feel the the green's very rich looking.

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What a lovely green. You're ending up with a yarn that resembles Zephyr wool/silk.

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It should work. I would perhaps go up a needle size?

The one thing all the professionals do, so as not to waste time, and when you need to know "if it will work", is to do a sample. That dirty 6 letter word... but necessary. Take whatever you have knit so far, wash and block it. Does it work? Only YOU will know... when you do all the steps. If it does what you want, then it works. If not, --well, try another yarn before you get too far into this one.

btw, you can block it on the needles, and just keep on knitting if it is what you want. You can also rip out, and re-use this yarn for something more suited to it.

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Beautiful and nicely crafted. What size needles and type yarn did you use?

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Thanks for all your comments. I am currently using US 8 needles. I may try blocking what I have so far. I have been known to rip out entire projects and start all over from scratch (even more than once on a single item), so if that's what needs to happen, I suppose it will be done that way. I may take a week to decide that, or just leave it alone. Still, this pattern is a really easy knit so I won't be too bent out of sorts to have to rework it.
jim. :-)

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That is a really nice piece of knitting, Jim. I think it looks great as it is. I imagine it will look even better is you can successfully block it. Keep us posted as to how it turns out, please. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.