Knitting a shawl with circulars...

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good brand of circular needle to use in knitting a lace shawl. Since its getting rather large now, my circular needle cables arent long enough anymore. I was wondering what you guys use? Do you just use a normal 47" circular needle and scrunch up the shawl until it's done? Or is there a certain brand of needle you use that has a 60" cord or something?


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i use addi clicks with the extensions. give lots of length options

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I use two circulars when it gets too scrunched up to be comfortable (making sure to always use the two ends of one circular needle).

These days I use mostly Addi Turbos, although a lot of folks like their lace needles as well. I've also been known to use KnitPicks Harmony circulars.

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knit picks nickel plated. they are very nice and cheap.

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I LOVE using the Addi Lace Needles (fixed circulars) for lace knitting... they're nice and pointy and built for speed.... for really slick yarn, though, I go with the Harmony Wood interchangeables from Knitpicks... They're super pointy too...

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If you want good quality needles Addi Turbos are the best, the nes with the Blueish cord, if you want something else you can go and use other brands. I like my Addi Clicks, I had some Knit Picks that I don't like because they come apart, yes they replace them, but I have never had that problem with Addis. KNit PIcks and Addis back up their product in a great way, there are other brands, which I don't use. Best of luck deciding.

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Pick something with very few joins. I just got Addi Clicks and my wife and I both love them. The yarn glides very easily. Fixed Knit Picks circulars are very good to work with. I bought the Knit Picks Zephyr (acrylic) interchangeable and there are too many areas for yarn to get caught (at the cable needle join and at the acrylic/metal join). I guess the old saying is true "You get what you pay for." Not that Knit Picks are bad, I love most of the things I have bought from them. I just don't enjoy knitting with the Zephyr needles.

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I've had pretty good luck with the few pair of Addi fixed point circulars I own. I've knit some fairly large projects on just a 32" needle but the yarn was very fine and it scrunched up on the cable. For some thicker yarn projects I have also used 2 separate cables, like QueerJoe, even going to the extent of using a 3rd one as one long doublepoint. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I use Inox circulars. It's a Swiss company so online is the best way to get them. Smaller sizes (up to 6 mm) are polished aluminum and are very smooth and fast. They are dent/scratch/knick resistant. Larger sizes are plastic but work well. I have a 5 mm and a 6 mm that I have used for 25 years and they knit like new. I have tried bamboo and other metal brands and have found Inox superior. From the other posts I see Addi are popular - might give them a try.