Interchangeable needle sets

I'd like to start a discussion on interchangeable needle sets.
The question posed earlier has prompted me to start this thread.

I am a little out of it, not knowing about these Addi interchangeable products.
I did a little research but am not sure, so please jump in and give us the benefit of your knowledge and opinions.

I have been using Boye Needlemaster for years (I have 2 sets). I find them OK as I do like the metal and the shape of the points. I do not like that they loosen and one has to be ever mindful of getting one's yarn caught in the joins.
(I have an older set that needs attachments for the larger sizes to connect to the cables and a newer set that does not.)

Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems the Addi sets come in sizes 4-11 and I think my Boyes come in 2-15? Even in my Boyes I bemoan the fact that I don't have size 1 and O. Also, I think the Addis are metric sized so that they don't necessarily have exact US equivalents (probably doesn't matter though). I don't care much about the larger sizes--hardly ever use them. Don't you guys not like that the Addis don't have the smaller sizes? And those sets seem very expensive. (Not that we're not worth it). How are the joins from cable to needle and how are the joins when you create a longer needle?

What I like most about using interchangeable sets is that I knit in the round whenever I can. I always place a smaller needle for the left hand needle and the "gauge" needle on the right. Does anyone else do this? There is no reason to have the correct size needle on the left as all it does is "offer" the stitches to the right needle. As long as it is smaller than the right needle the stitches slide smoothly and are not stretched. It also makes it easier to do twist stitches and other finnicky operations.
I even do this sometimes when knitting flat, changing the needle points on every row. (Only sometimes.)
Another limitation of the Boye Needlemaster is that the needle points are too long for the shorter cables so that one still needs a set of 16" needles.
This is a funny discussion for me, in a way, as I have duplicates upon duplicates upon duplicates of needles in every form and size.
I had a Denise set once but gave it away almost immediately upon receipt. Just didn't like the cheesiness of it.
Don't get me started on my DP collection.
That's for another post.
Thanks guys.


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I recently purchased a set of Addi Click interchangeable. The set is not in front of me but I want to say that it came in a beautiful case with 3 cable sizes (24", 32", & 40"). The needle sizes are 4-15 I believe. There are no size 10.5, only whole sizes. So far my wife and I both love them. They are far better than the way less expensive set I bought from Knit Picks. The Addi's do not come apart and the yarn has to be moved over the join but it glides and doesn't get stuck. Yes I know Addi's are expensive, but they have been well worth the money.

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You can order the 10.5's separately... along with the 10.75's too!

BUT... there's no room for these tips in the cute little case...

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Thanks, I am going yarn shopping tomorrow and may look for some accessories.

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I have both the Boye Needlemasters and HyiaHyia interchangeables. With the Boye I have found the using the little rubber pad that comes with the set to tighten the needle head slows the unscrewing.

I like the Boue heads but do not like the cables. I have replaced the cables with weed wacker line and i have heard that Boye is redesigning the cables.

Like the Boye Needle masters HyiaHyia interchangable come in a size 2. Going below size 2 is not easy because of the the screw conncetor becomes too easy to break. I prefer the HyiaHyia's because they have two length of needles 4 inch and 5 inch. Since I kilt socks I find the shorter needle puts less tension on the stitches.

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Ooooo... I LOVE this post... I'm totally addicted to needle sets and I currently own the Denise Interchangeable Set, the Knitpicks Harmony Wood, the Boye Needlemaster, and the Addic Turbo Clicks.

I use the Denise set as a backup, but has proven to be quite a workhorse set when I first used it exclusively. I've had it for the longest and it does what it needs to do. Not really a fan of the cords as they have A LOT of memory in them... and I sometimes need to dip them in hot water to get them to flex a little more. I believe it is the cheapest set out of all of the ones I own (retail price-wise, I paid less for the needlemaster set with my michael's coupon!), but they do have a lifetime guarantee. The Joins could be a little smoother, but the locking system on these are pretty good, I can't recall ever having them come apart.

I use the knitpicks Harmony wood set for really slick and slippery yarn, as well as for lace knitting. They're super point and can be a little painful for people who have a tendency to push the tip of the needles with their finger (like me!) but I like working with them a lot. The cords for this set are super flexible and have a little hole you use to lock them onto with a special key. the hole can also be used to thread a lifeline when working with lace! Plus any problems reported to Knitpicks have been dealt with smoothly and quickly.

The Addi Click set is used for most run of the mill larger projects (although I will use the knitpicks too, if the addis are being used!). I really like the simplicity of this set. no keys just push turn and click. I've had this set for the least amount of time, only about 4 weeks, but it's proving to be quite amazing. I love it so much, so far, that I am thinking about ordering the Addi Lace Clicks and selling off the Knitpicks set (but let's not get too hasty!)

The Boy set, is my least favorite... I hate the elbow joints that are on the cords, and the fact that I have NEVER finished a project with these without them coming apart really make me wish I never bought this set. I've been wanting to sell it, but I just feel like I would be passing on heartache to a fellow knitter.

My 2 cents! Hope this helps!

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The Addi Turbo clicks come in size 4-15- American sets do not come with a size 10.5, while international sets don't come with a size 5. They are also going to be releasing the Addi Lace Clicks at the end of Fall (assuming they don't push back the release date AGAIN!)

The lace clicks will have a 16" cord available, and will come in sizes 4-11 (if I'm not mistaken.) I do hate that they don't have smaller sizes with the Addi set- I ended up buying size 000 thru 3 of the Addi turbos and Knitpicks Harmony Wood needles in 40" fixed circulars and just use the magic loop method. With the two sets, I don't foresee ever needing buying another needle ever again ( wanting is a whole different story!)

I do agree that the Denise set is not a very solid set, I barely use mine anymore, but they definitely get the job done. I also normally have a smaller needle on the Left when working in the round. I've also used 2 vastly different needles to create funky stitch effects when knitting (look up condo knitting, it's cool!)

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I got a set of Denise about 6 years ago and I love them. They are a workhorse of a set. True, they might look and even be cheesy but they work fine. I like the variety of cables and the joins are perfectly fine. I sometimes wished that the set would come with some options smaller than the size 5s. Over the years, one tip broke and I had to replace one cable.

That said, I went to Men's Fall Knitting Retreat and I just had to get a set of the Addi-clicks. They're beautiful and very fast. I would have to say that the joins are actually a tiny tiny bit less as smooth as the Denise joins. I don't know if this is an anomaly or not, but it's a fact with my set. The little spring that anchors the tips to the cables was missing in one of the size 6 tips, but I got a new one for free with no hassle. They are an impressive and beautiful set and I'm really glad I got them. They go down to a size 4 but there's no size 10 1/2. There's a little pocket in the case to hold the cables, which are much thinner than the Denise cables, but I do wish the little pocket closed or something. Not a huge deal at all though.

I've heard about some sets having a "tool" or "key" or something, but neither Denise nor Addi-clicks require any tools, which is nice. I would have to say that I'll probably end up using both sets - the Addis more often my guess. I can see the Denise set will come in handy when I need a smaller circular or when I'm working with yarn that's ultra slippery or something. The Denise tips are more pointy than the Addis but I don't see that that will be an issue for me. I believe you can now get the Addi-click set with "lace" tips, which are more pointy and with bamboo tips, which interests me!!

This topic always garners a lot of interest - glad you asked about it!!



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Great post! I have been interested in the Addis for a while but I just can’t afford them right now. I was looking at a set of the new Addi Click BAMBOO interchangeables and they are very, very nice but I can’t spend $140 - $180 on them this close to the holidays. And I really don’t need them. Sigh. But they are beautiful. I see Addis as the Cadillac or Mercedes of needles.

A while ago I was able to purchase an entire set of Susan Bates Quicksilver needles (straights, both 10” and 14” sizes 1 to 8, DP’s sizes 1-8, and circs, both 16” and 24” sizes 1-8) for less than $200 from I like the Teflon-like coating and the sharp points. The larger sizes (9 and up) are plastic though and I don’t care for the bendy feeling but I rarely use larger needles anymore anyway. I doubt that I would like the Denise set because of my aversion to the feel of plastic needles but I would certainly give them a try at $50 a set. These Quicksilvers are my Ford or Chrysler needles, I guess. Good, sturdy everyday needles that hold the wool just enough to keep it from slipping off all the time and nice sharp points for digging into cables and lace patterns. Wish they had an interchangeable set.

I have the Boye Needlemaster set which my mother bought me for next to nothing at a clearance sale at Michael’s last Christmas. They are good for some things but the stiffness of the cables annoys me sometimes, as does the tendency to come undone if you don’t remember to use the little gripper pad to tighten them periodically. It’s nice to have a second smaller needle when I am doing 2 sleeves though. Like you I do a lot of in the round knitting so circs are my go-to needles.

My Knit Picks Options nickel-plated are my favorite interchangeables. I was able to buy them when they came with the leather-like case on sale a few years ago and I added the smaller sizes in fixed circs in both 16” and 24” all for less than the price of one set of Addi Clicks (at least that was my justification at the time.) I have no problems with them coming loose since I use the little key to tighten them when I put them together and I really like the flexible, lightweight cables. I bought my mother a set 2 years ago for Christmas. She had been knitting with straight metal needles for 55 years and was skeptical but she loves them and doesn’t use anything else now. These are my Honda or Nissan needles. Sturdy, well-made, reliable, and nice to look at and knit with.

My Takumi Bamboo straights and DP’s are my Toyota needles. Dependable, family-style knitting. Love them for low-key and fun projects. The points aren’t sharp enough for detail work though but I’ve knit some lovely things on them.

My latest needle lust is for the Signature needles. $355 for a set of 10 pairs of straights. OUCH! I absolutely crave the stiletto points for lace and cable work but the price is just over the top. The Rolls Royce of knitting needles, I guess. I keep telling myself that it would be absolutely foolish to spend that kind of money on needles when I already have complete sets of bamboo and metal straights, circs, DPs and 2 sets of interchangeables with sizes from 0 to 15. I don’t NEED any more needles. But I want them badly, LOL.

I think I am a knitting needle junky. Oh dear.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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The first time I used the Susan Bates “Quicksilver” dpns was just after knitting a twine doormat using “Brittany” wooden (birch hardwood, I believe) needles. I remember thinking to myself upon using the Quicksilver needles for the first time that it was like driving a brand new sports car...

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I have a set of the Knit Picks one and I love them!!!!

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I love my KnitPicks sets! ...don't care for the feel of the clear plastic ones, but use the wood Harmonies and metal Options all the time. I also have a set of the KnitPro Rosewood needles...exactly like the Harmonies but rosewood colour with rosewood colour cables. ...have only had one tip come loose, and their customer service is GREAT!

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I love my KnitPicks sets! ...don't care for the feel of the clear plastic ones, but use the wood Harmonies and metal Options all the time. I also have a set of the KnitPro Rosewood needles...exactly like the Harmonies but rosewood colour with rosewood colour cables. ...have only had one tip come loose, and their customer service is GREAT!

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I have a Knitpicks Wooden Harmony set too and absolutely LOVE them. I haven't had any trouble with them coming loose and, although I did have a needle come apart (they're made out of layers of wood laminated together), Knitpicks immediately sent me a replacement without any hassle or argument. As for slip, I think they're a bit slipperier than bamboo and less than metal.

The only drawback is that they're quite dark and I've heard some people complain that it can be difficult to see stitches with dark yarn. Also, they're VERY sharp - I don't consider that a drawback, but some people might.

Grace and Peace,

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addi is also adding crochet hooks that click into regular cables...soon

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love and lint from our hemp socks

we put birds on things

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I love my Denise needles and find they are the best ones to use when traveling. The points are fantastic to work with and I have used them for about 6 years. I did buy additional cables and supplemental needles to expand the set. I have never had a cable come loose or yarn snag the join. I can't say that about any other set I've tried. I have taken my set around the world and back and if they were one day to become lost or somehow destroyed, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the same set again.

If they're cheesy, then I love me some cheese!

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I have Hiya Hiya's, KnitPicks (both wood and nickel plated), Addi Clicks and had Denise. I am with you totally about the Denise. Disliked them intensely and only used them and their cables for holding pieces of work.
For straight knitting, I like the Addi Clicks. For cabling, especially without a cable needle, I prefer the KnitPicks for their tips are sharper/pointier and much easier to knit with. (I should mention that I am a terribly tight knitter). I must agree with the other posters comments concerning Knit Picks. I've had the wooden needles break where the metal meets the wood. I've had the cables break where the cable meets the metal. The saving grace is the customer service with KnitPicks is second to none!!! I have since purchased enough extra needles and cables that I can keep going without a hitch if anything should break.

The Hiya Hiyas are sharper than the Addi Clicks, too, but I don't like them as well at all. They have a screw system (like the KnitPicks), but no matter how hard I try to tighten them, they always come unscrewed on me. (This also has happened several times with the KnitPicks, but not so much since I cut a piece of rubber to hold the needle while I torque the key.) Also, they have shorter needles, which don't fit as well in my larger hands. (I tend to prefer double pointed needles rather than shorter lengths of circs for the same reason).

I agree about the smaller needle sizes lacking in the interchangable sets, too. That said, I also have every size of needle in the Addi Turbos in every length, so I am never wanting for a needle anyway.