Prorsum: Take II, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 12th September 2010
Finish: 5th October 2010
Needles: 5.5 mm Addi Turbo
Yarn: Wolle Roedel "Soft-Merino"; 100% Merino superwash; 100 m / 50 g; colour #393, lot #220; 6 balls
Pattern Cabled Cowl from Lion Brand Yarn
Name: I decided to call this "Prorsum" (lat. "forward") as a kind of a wink to "Burberry Prorsum", since a lot of commercial cowls out there that I have seen and like are pretty much from Burberry.

Prorsum, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
I disappeared again. I know. But I'm still here and with an FO - even though it's a small one.

Since the fashion world has been introducing cowls (or as they like to call it: Loop-Scarf *gag*) to the general audience for this Fall/Winter 2010 season, I reconsidered my stance on cowls and decided to knit up one for myself.

I knew what I wanted: A big, oversized cowl that I could pull over my head (without ruining my hair - heh, yeah, I know I'm vain sometimes), that will spill out of my coat and show its fabulousness...but more importantly, I didn't want a cowl that would hug my throat and strangle me (with a scarf, I could always loosen it).

So off I went looking for a pattern in Ravelry when I came across this particular free pattern for a cable cowl that didn't seem too busy for the pattern and wouldn't be boring to knit.

The knitting part was pretty straightforward and I got the pattern memorised by the first repeat. It wouldn't have taken me so long to finish it, but well, other things got in the a new job. :-)

Prorsum, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Yes, you heard it right. I disappeared for a whole month because I started a new job.

When I was made redundant, my now ex-boyfriend (yeah, that's another story, too) and I started looking at all executive search companies out there on the market, both in Munich, nationally and internationally. I remember coming across this one particular company and thought that their website is pretty neat and that it looks like a great place to be working in. Unfortunately, they weren't hiring, so I kept looking.

I signed up for a job letter over at a well-known German professional networking portal and promptly got suggestions for possible positions. Most of which I applied for but didn't get far. Until one day that I found this one advertisement for a position as a Research Consultant in the fashion & lifestyle industry and I thought to myself that that would be quite interesting and would fit me a lot better than the automation & automotive sector I was doing before. And so I applied, thinking all the while that I probably will just receive a decline.

When I went to look at their website, it turned out to be that particular place I gushed about before....what a coincidence!

Anyhow, to my surprise, I got invited to an interview, which went down pretty well. Then I got invited to a second interview, doing all these tests bordering on the Mayer-Briggs stuff and the results of which I pretty much knew. Then I got invited to the last interview with the last CEO (there were three of them and one was present at each interview). The last interview - because of the nature of that particular CEO (he's from the north) - totally made me insecured about getting the job and provided me with a very fitful and sleepless weekend.

However, as you already know, I got the job....and I totally love it. The people there are great, the place is great (the name is pretty well-known in the industry around here - even though we're not that huge). Work has been pretty stressful lately, but I'm having fun and doing well at it. So, yes, my life in that area seems to be settling down again. (Best thing was that I was effectively redundant only for 2 weeks. Not bad at all.)

But with that came another change. I won't go into too much details except to only tell that I'm back to being single again. I just got sick of being left on the side too much because he had to deal with himself; I got sick of having to listen to him criticise other people and me on everything - thinking that he is the best in everything -, but at the same time, can't stomach even the tiniest of criticism himself, etc. etc. There are other things, too....but I don't think that I want to dish them all up here. Suffice to say that I just got sick of it and decided to go tabula rasa and put everything that was bothering me out in the open. Of course, he just said that I went too far with it and shove everything back at me and blamed everything on me and try to make me feel bad about myself. Oh well, that was his true colour....

...sure I might be doing the same here, but hey, at least I do take the criticisms and try to do something about it.

So, yeah, I'm single again....but thank goodness for my job, it really keeps me busy and keeps my mind off things.

Apart from that, I also took up a new hobby and started learning Irish dance. :-p I thought that since I won't be so mad like some people and go out jogging in winter, the Irish dance would be a good alternative for my cardio workout.

I've been doing that for about four weeks and so far, I just got the basic reel down and not very well even. Seems I just don't possess that much coordination in my legs. But I'm keeping at it (hey, I already paid) and besides, I'm actually having fun.

And so, the title of the post, "Prorsum", which is the name I have given to my cowl and which also means "forward" has quite a meaning for me at this time. :-)

Well, that's all for now. I think that you're now pretty much updated on what's going on in my life. Hopefully someone still reads this sporadically updated blog of mine and would have a heart to say hi. :-p

Take care and hopefully I won't be gone for too long again for the next post.

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It's a beautiful big cowl and looks stunning on, and I like the colour and texture. Unlike you I like a scarf to be close to my neck to keep out he cold.
I found the Myers Briggs to be very insightful and helped me to understand several things about myself.

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Thats amazing, love it!!!