Chain Edges HELP PLEASE!

So I am working on my design and pattern which will be published (early 2011). I swatched the scarf with some leftover yarn last night. I want the neat slip stitch edges but can't remember if I slipped as if to knit or slipped as if to purl to get those. I tried to do it according to: slip as pattern reads (knit on some rows, purl on others) and the edges were very messy. If any one can help me clear this up so I can begin work on the actual piece with the yarn the company sent me I would be very grateful. I am trying it again tonight with the "waste" yarn to see if I can figure it out. If it works I will hopefully begin the scarf tomorrow as it will take the longest to complete. Thanks guys.


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It's a combination of two things, Russ. (Man, I feel like such an "old pro" handing out this bit of craft lore!) It's a combination of how you do the last stitch of the row before you turn the work and how you slip the first stitch of the next row after you turn it. I purl the last stitch and then slip the first stitch knitwise. I guarantee that will work but I think that if you knit the last stitch and slip the first purlwise, it seems that that should work too. I'm pretty sure it will NOT work if you knit the last stitch and then slip the first one knitwise or purl the last and slip the first purlwise. They've got do be done oppositely.

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Thanks Tom. I just tried it on my little ball of waste yarn and it worked! Now I can get to work on the scarf and write up the pattern!

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Yes, Tom is right in that they have to be opposite actions. I often slip the last stitch purlwise, yarn in front; knitting the first stitch of every row. You can either knit in the front or the back of the stitch but knitting in the front gives it a twist, making it a bit firmer. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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