I think im in love...

With lace knitting!!!! Im about halfway through chart 3 on the Lil Bunny FooFoo shawl by MMario and I just LOVE this pattern!!! Easy to follow, challenging, and purrrrrdddyyyyy!! Does anyone else ever have this feeling where you're knitting something for someone...and they know you're making it...but as you're making it you decide that you would really like to keep it because you like looking at it so much? Yeah, thats how I feel about this thing right now. Im using my own handspun, handdyed lace yarn for this project and the way I dyed the colours and the way they are distributing themselves in the knitted fabric is just making me feel so accomplished....Right now the thing looks so pitiful all scrunched up on the needles unblocked and I didnt think much of it. But It has finally gotten big enough now where I could lay out a good portion of it flat on the floor without having to take it off the needles and WOW is all I got to say...anyways, back to working on this thing. Im going to shoot for a finish date a couple of weeks from now. Pics coming soon!!


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That Mmario is a dangerous fella!

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Oui... vous!

... you decide that you would really like to keep it because you like looking at it so much?

I'll bite since no one else has.
I used to get that feeling when I was a newer knitter. Now I don't as much and actually like to knit things just to get rid of the yarn.
I usually like to keep things as they are a reference to materials and techniques of the project. I guess I could document the piece but although I say I am going to take notes (can't take pictures--no facility for that sort of thing) and keep samples, I never really do and if I happen to do it I won't be able to find it when I want it. I am sure that is why I have over one billion knitting needles.

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Glad to know that you have succumbed to the nasty lace bug. As long as you feed it regularly, it will stay within limits...usually. As to loving this one and wanting to keep it; use that as an excuse to knit one for yourself. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Isn't love grand! Post us a picture when you can.

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Welcome to the dark side of lace... we were waiting for you. I concur that MMario is a total and complete enabler. But he does help me use up the lace weight that keeps finding its way into my stash. Now I will have to put this one in my queue for when I finish Spanish Armada. Fortunately I have cousins who are getting married and love the idea of receiving a knit lace shawl.

BTW... pictures... we need pictures!