Sorry I haven't posted any work. The new editors are running me crazy. This is the latest jacket in print ( 22 more). ( shameless, no?) Check out "Knit and Style" Holiday 2010, pg ~41-42...I haven't done much knitting for men lately,...but hope springs eternal ! This pix is true to the orignal color ( I did not like their foto, but so it goes) What do you guys think...( I respect you guy's comments, more than theirs) ha, ha, The lace insert (sleeve, collar)were much fun ! Hopefully I will not be so long between posts.

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I love the color and the lace collar. It is really a beautiful piece of work. Glad to see your work again.

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This is very beautiful jacket. Love the rich color. Do you sell you work in stores or boutiques?

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A very nice design...somewhat traditional, yet edgy. [No pun intended.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful, stunning sweater. I think the photo would have been much more interesting with a live model or at least presented a la "Territory Ahead" catalog (without the form) given they done lots of photos without models.

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Thanks for the comments. About the use of the dress form.... these handknits are usally done in 3-4 days and have to be in the mail. So I have very little time to foto properly. I take ~ 5hrs to write the pattern and grade the that leave little time for anything else.They request to see the garment in drape form, hence the dress form. AT the rate of 22 sweater and patterns in 6 months...what can I say? They can refence the proportions on the dressform....But, yes it would be nice but not very this instance.
We, men , are creeping into the field of knitwear very quickly !

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This is an amazing jacket, I do test knitting for a designer so I understand the pressure!!!!!! Keep going, I really like your designing