Halloween Costume Time!

I'm not a huge Halloween guy, but working a job that requires I participate in a costume party has helped me to get over my aversion. I was determined to incorporate knitting into my costume, and thanks to a coworker's suggestion that I bear the spittin' image of Waldo of the fad I was a part of, I found the perfect fit. The hat was done in three days, and the shirt took two bits of evenings to tape up, and the yarn and duct tape cost under ten bucks. And I won $25 in the contest. Woot!

On my own blog I included a hot mess of cheap and stupid costume ideas, but most of them don't involve knitting. But I'm not sharing them with you here simply because it'd be a waste of space. There's my contribution to Halloween.

What are y'all doing for costumes this year? Any knitting/crocheting involved?

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Aaronknits's picture

You look fantastic Will! Happy Halloween!

jessemkahn's picture

totally adorable!

Tallguy's picture

That's just too scary for words!! Uncanny resemblance!

2manyhobbies's picture

i love it!

michaelpthompson's picture

That's pretty cool!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

QueerJoe's picture

That's hy-freakin'-sterical...now in case anyone asks, I'll know where Waldo is.

rc_in_sd's picture

I spotted you right away. I'm good like that.

Nice job, Will!

firstearl's picture

Waldo's at his local yarn shop, that's where's Waldo.

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Thanks, guys! Glad you liked it. I milked the costume for a second go tonight, and did a little strip tease afterward. Well, I teased strips of tape off the shirt...

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Great ! I tried that look once. Jumbo-pettite stripes made me look as if I about to
"bring forth" twins .. But it works for you . Good job.


WillyG's picture

Hahaha... yeah, it was nice to have control over how big the stripes are. I didn't like the look of the store-bought costume available online.

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That is great, Willy! As an ex-assistant children's librarian, I really appreciate the fun and humor behind this. Too bad you don't live here...I'd grab you for a volunteer for a program and get an ex-colleague to run it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.