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so I'm a little disappointed with how my second GAAA square WAS working up (I say WAS because I've ditched it for now to start a different square). I was working on the Georgia Vincent square (link here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/georgia-vincent-square ) It is worked on circular needles from the outside in. After the first 3 ridges of garter st, the rows are "basically" (yo, k1, yo) across, then on the next row, k3tog, k1. According to the picture in the book and the ravelry picture (sort of), by doing this it's supposed to make two little horizontal bumps. Mine didn't look like that. When I k3tog it just looks like....I don't know what! Has anyone else made this square, or know how to get those "horizontal bumps" to appear? Am I possibly doing the k3tog too tightly? Any help would be appreciated! On to the Ginette Belanger square!


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Hi. I wish I could help you with that. I have the same book, and haven't started any of the squares yet. Maybe this is a good reason to pick it up and try this square. I was attracted to the book because of the little sweater square. It's sooo cute. :-)
Just give me a week (or less) to try the first few rows to see if my stitches look like the picture. Did you read in the back of the book the instructions for knitting stitches together just to make sure that you've got it right? Since I knit differently, I always read those descriptions to make sure inc and dec etc are facing the right (or left) way.
Good luck on your afghan.

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Hi again. I took a look at the back of the book, and the simple things like dec 3 or 4 etc are not covered, only things like cables and cast on/off. What a bummer. I still want to give it a try for you. I also have to find or buy the proper circular needles. jim

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hi again. well, judging by your progress on all the other squares in your afghan it looks like you can do just fine without any help from me. so, good for you. enjoy your project. you will be done with it long before I figure out anything with the patterns. your squares are looking fantastic, and you're doing them all on your own, too. good luck on the rest of the afghan. I'm sure it will turn out just like the pictures. jim.