My First Post (yay!)

Hey i've been a member here for a long time and have never mustered the courage to post anything on the site...time to do something about that. So I'm attatching a few photos of some of my latest works..i'm still a big beginner, but I think they're pretty groovy. And honestly, what a better way to spend the hot days of summer than knitting beanies! :D





Okay, so I reuploaded and hopefully *Crosses fingers* the photos will show up now! :D 







I couldn't see your pics.  It may have been my browser.  Bummed!  Really want to see your work.


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I can't see the pics either...

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well what the heck! I'm go ing to have to have STRONG words with those people at yahoo. :) I'll work on getting them up ASAP.


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GREAT ! Love the hats!!!

I saw the pics! Nice hats! really great! You're ready for fall!!! I wish I was that ready!

Hey Allen, thanks for reposting.  Definitely worth the wait!  Love the hats and especially the messenger bag.  Did you follow a pattern for the bag?  If so, would you share the source???


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Hiya Luke,

 Thanks for the compliment. That bag was the biggest pain in the hindquarters ever..but I still love my lil' frankensatchel. hehehe. It actually came from a pattern in the man issue edition of knitty...

and it was fairly easy. I didn't do some of the lil' finer steps, and I ended up doing mine in like 3 different pieces then felting it all together, but it still holds stuff just groovily. :) There are lots of cool patterns in there that I hope to try once I get a little better at this knitting game. hehe 

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Very cool looking beanies.  I've made several Harry Potter styled scarves and hats myself.  The Knitty Messenger Bag looks very cool. Now that I've tried felting, one of those will be on my list of things to do.

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Your pics and beanies look great, well done OSG

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Great job on the beanies and the satchel.  I just cast on for that same thing over the weekend.  I was going to use the yarn for another pair of clogs, but I decided on a felted bag instead.  Mine will also have a few modifications. 

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Hey Bud....your beanies look great....Beanies are the next step in my knitting you have a good pattern to start with or are those your own creations.

Have groovy week!

oh..and your messanger bag rocks as well!

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well, they're basically my own concoctions. :) The Green and Gray and the Khaki and Blue are just simple stockinette *knit knit knit away, no purling* in the round. The brown one is a five and five rib. Five Knit Five Purl and after about 6" of work I started decreasing till it fit my gigantic noggin. hehe. :)

Good luck with them! I personally like knitting in the round almost more than with straight needles. It's easy and the hats knit up pretty dark quickly. ;D