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long time lurker, found this needle threader the other day thought I'd share in case I wasn't the only one that didn't know they existed.
You know the little lightweight needle threader that comes with sewing kits, well I'm forever breaking them (probably trying to fit too thick a yarn through the needle when I'm sewing up a garment)
Anyway went to my lys last week in search of something a little more heavy duty that can stand up to my rough handling.
The lady I dealt with knew exactly what I needed and recommend the needle threader in the photograph, it works a treat for both larger and smaller needles (more for knitting yarn than sewing threads) and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to break this one!

If your in Sydney I got it at Morris and Sons.

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Haven't seen one of those in years! Alternatively, Pony makes a needle that has a flexible eye attached to it. It is very easy to thread any kind of yarn through it and when you pull it through your project as you are sewing, the eye "compresses" as it pulls, holding the yarn. I had a difficult time finding the needles after I had finally lost the first three that I had, but Imagiknit shop in San Francisco has them and Allison (owner) will send them out your way. They come 3 to a card.

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Bridge threaders for dental work are very handy for needle threaders as well and are handy devices for beading too.

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Thanks for that Rory, next time I'm in Morris & Sons I'll have a look.

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I have a similar one. It is so useful that I keep it in my wallet at all times!