Yarn Organization

As my stash of yarn keeps growing, I really want a neat way to organize and display my yarn. Right now, I have a beautiful wooden cabinet with glass doors that I am using. The yarn is stacked up on the selves but just doesn't look as nice as I'd like. What I'd really like to do is either buy or create criss-cross cubby organizers like I've seen in some local yarn stores. There's an example along the left side of the picture seen here:


I don't want to the whole shelving unit, just the criss-cross dividers I can set on the shelves in my existing cabinet. Does anyone know where I can buy something like this or find instructions for making it myself?


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Dividers like that typically work on a slotting system where one half of each piece has been cut to allow the cross piece's slotted line slip in. It's very much along the lines of kids' building systems like lincoln logs or erector sets. i could draft really easy instructions for cutting them, if you'd like and email them to you.

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That would be fantastic! I think I'll try going to the hardware store this weekend and purchasing some wood.

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You might check out wine racks....

There are stand alone unit like this, or inserts like this.

Of course, depending on your pocketbook, you can get them at various price breaks.

Grace and peace,

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Ohh... and then you could put the wine next to the yarn. That would be a stash.

My yarn just stays on the floor and the wheels of my desk chair won't roll because they are gunked up with yarn ends.