Alpaca Socks

Hi. I finished my Peruvian alpaca socks and am working on a second pair. 


I'm sure they're luxurious. But how well will the soft yarn hold to wear?



From the fuzziness and minor pilling that came out after one day's use, I don't think he'll be able to wear them as regular socks, more like winter slippers, or an extra layer for ice-skating.'


I'm a bit disappointed, but then I just want to use up my stash quickly and this was some of the only fine yarn I had for trying socks. I'll have to try something else. 

Charles Voth
Welland, Ontario, Canada

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Really nice-looking socks!  Whether slippers or as an extra layer, I'm sure they'll be appreciated.

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I knit some socks out of alpaca which I spun myself.  Since I knew they were for socks, and I was going to do them 3-ply, I spun them quite fine, and with a lot of twist.  I mean, a LOT of twist!  Alpaca doesn’t hold together that well, since it doesn’t have the scales that wool has.  It was a very long fibre, so that was a help, but I didn’t want them to get fuzzy over time.

I knit them fairly firmly with smaller needles.  Knowing that alpaca has no memory (no elasticity), I designed a pattern with a lot of ribbing all the way down the leg, and on the top of the foot.  I hoped that they would pull in tighter and not get all stretched out of shape by wearing them a few minutes.

That worked quite well.  They did get fuzzy a bit over a couple washings; that is the nature of the fibre.  I combed the alpaca so there wasn’t any of the shorter hairs to pill or to work themselves free and mess up the patterning.  They do feel really silky and are very warm!  However, I think the next time, I would blend the alpaca with some wool.  They would have some elasticity and be easier to work with, and be nicer to wear.