Another Knitter in the Family

Last night after watching the latest DVR episode of Hannah Montana, when Hannah reveals to the world that she is Miley, my daughter had cried for like 20 minutes at the sad retrospective on the show. (I think she is also sad that it is the end of Hannah Montana as we know it.) My 8 year old daughter asked me to show her how to knit with needles. She had tried before with my Knifty Knitter loom with no success. So I cast on about 30 stitches and she can do the knit stitch. She knit about 4 rows fairly successfully last night and took her knitting in the car (just like her mom and dad do everyday). I am so proud of her! And she is proud of herself!

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Phew, thank goodness... for a minute there I thought you were going to tell me that Hannah Montana is now a Knitting Spokesbot!

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No but her co-star Emily Osment is a knitter and taught Miley how to as well.

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Now that's one for the history books lol. But seriously, your daughter will always remember this special moment of learning to knit and the bonding that goes with it.

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Woot! I've been enjoying teaching my little sister a bit of knitting...she just finished a beautiful cabley cowl, and I will soon get to teach her about how to wash it. Thanks for sharing your joy!

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I did see that episode, as my daughter was watching it. I thought the whole thing was overdone. It's not like she was Clark Kent or something. I never figured out how her friends, who notice every little detail of every thing, never noticed that Hannah looks exactly like Miley, only really fake looking platinum blonde. The gasp of shock from Leno's audience was way too much. They'd more likely be thinking, "I wonder why Hannah took off her wig?" than "Look, it's not Hannah at all, it's Miley!"

Anyway, glad your daughter shares your knitting. My daughter crochets; like her mom, she makes wonderful things with a hook.

I did teach a thirteen year old girl to knit with needles at our school club. Of my six original students, she is the only one who seems to have come up with a finished object from the loom (made several hats) and is now moving on with the interest. My biggest problem with her is the brain damage it took for me to demonstrate knitting from the left hand, instead of the right. It's hard to do things completely backward from the way to which you're accustomed.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."