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I finally finished the Barbara McIntire square for my afghan. I didn't find the pattern all that exciting, and kind of wish I'd chosen a different cable pattern for the sides to go with the Saxon braid. AAANNNNDDD, of course there's a mistake in the left side panel, which I didn't even notice until I was on the 4th repeat. I held the stitches in back, instead of in the front, so instead of going under, the cable goes over! I may reknit this square, using a different side panel pattern. We'll see.
What square to tackle next?

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Rich, all I can say is WOW! To do a pattern like this you must have complete concentration and no distractions and lots of caffeine lol

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I like the cables. Have you considered just dropping the stitches down on the erring cables? I did that once, and it was a really neat trick to learn, though it took a bit of courage at first. I blogged about it here, for what it's worth:

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NIce job, I like all the squares so far. How many are there and will they all be different ? Be sure to post them all.

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It looks great, and in the grand scheme of a whole afghan, the cross-overs are pretty insignificant.

However, Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) has a cheat fix for this that might mitigate the ability to see the mistake:

Hope it's useful.

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Fantastic. Thanks for the tip-off!

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I actually prefer the "mistake" cable to the balanced one.

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