Knitting Needles and Airport Security

Does anyone have recent experience taking knitting needles through airport security in Japan or Southeast Asian airports?


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Hi, I just flew to Singapore in June and had no problems at all. I wasn't even asked to take them out. As a precaution, I printed the TSA webpage about allowing knitting needles onboard. I also stuck with bamboo circular needles. Apparently, it's still at the discretion of the security personnel so you should be prepared to string your project in case. If you have interchangeable needles, it would be easy to just give them the needles and keep your project on the cord. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting onboard. It made the long haul flight a lot more bearable.

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I've had no issues traveling through Taipei, Tokyo-Narita, or Singapore several times the past few months. I use aluminum circulars and place the removable needles with my pens. Good luck!