Mini Eggplant

Hi everyone. I just wanted make a quick post to say that I've written my first pattern. It's nothing groundbreaking, it is terribly easy, but it is fun and quick to knit. It's for a mini eggplant. If you're interested in making one yourself, I put the pattern up on my website and it's also on Ravelry. If you decide to knit one up, please let me know how you find the pattern. Was it easy to follow, clear, concise, etc... Thanks guys and take care!

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Craig's picture

Very cute

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

Tom Hart's picture

Now Ken, that is seriously tiny. Beautifully executed though!

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that made me bounce my knees up and down and SQUEEEE just a little. SO CUTE. make more veggies, please!!!

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I am going to knit that. It's deliciously tiny. Will we be finding other vegetables for the cornucopia?

TomH's picture

I can't even imagine knitting something so small. It is wonderful!

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Very cute indeed. I think it was be nice to see various hand knitted eggplants like these in various shapes and placed in a decorative bowl.

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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I do plan on making some more veggies soon. I hope to work on the next one this weekend. And yes, bobshome, I had thought of knitting a cornucopia to keep them in. Great minds think alike? Lol...

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Hey - knit it in a yellowish color and you also have a pear! How fun.