Hello and finished Wallaby

Hey guys,

Use to be on here before but due to some unfortunate events, I had dropped off from the site.

This sweater has taken me forever to finish, but short of washing and blocking I can triumphantly say it is done! I made this for a friends mother for Christmas. I customized the length of the sleeves and added some short rows to give it some ease in the bust area. My model I used, just because he was here, is too beefy, so the sweater looks a bit too form fitting on him. After it is washed I am going to model it as I am much smaller than he is. Eventually I will have some pictures of the recipient wearing it.

Hope everyone is getting all their holiday knitting done. Mine, with the exception of this, is going to be a bust. I recently moved back to MI in September and the new house has taken so much of my time that my knitting has taken a back seat. A few lace items are going to be gifted as birthday presents in February. The biggest disappointment of unfinished projects is my own Leo sweater that I had hoped to have done before my trip to TX in December. I suppose if I knit non stop on it and nothing else, it may get finished in time...but that is an unlikely scenario.


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Maybe a sick day or three might get your Leo sweater moving...

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These sweaters look Great! I especially like the hoodie.

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Thanks John, I want one for myself now! And Willy...sad to say..I am early retired but still lack the time. However, I have set aside some other projects and putting some major time into it...it may happen yet.