Knit Picks revisted negative experiance

Several months ago I asked everyone's opinion of knit picks. I got mixed responses. I saw a shawl kit on there and the fall to winter shall and decided to try it anyway. The price was excellent after all.

Unfortunately I've had several bad experiences with it. First, a was very confused by the pattern. I wrote in and learned there had been some corrections to the pattern. This I felt should have been addressed in the beginning. (I also found at least one mistake so far that was not in the corrections that sent.) Next, I came up 12 rows (very large rows) short in one of the colors.

On a positive note, I wrote in about running out of yarn and they sent some more no problem.

I'm getting close to finished, and just discovered I'm 9 rows short on another color. The rows have gotten so long it's really hard for me to tell when I'm going to be short. Instead of bugging support again, I just bought the yarn I needed. A 3 dollar purchase only. No big deal except I'm trying to finish the project as a Christmas present. I am hoping that I have enough yard to finish the damnable thing.

Another thought about the yarn. The yarn I'm using is their lace weight merino wool. I will never purchase this yarn again. It's scratchier than I feel merino wool should be, and I've spent as much time untangling it (it sticks to itself like Velcro) as I have knitting the shawl.

Summary: I like their accessories, needles, organizers and such, but I've having a hard time with their kits and their yarn. Then again I guess you get what you pay for.


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Are you referring to This store is located in Winston-Salem, NC where I live.

The website is actually So I'm not sure if that's the same store or not.

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I like the KnitPicks needles which for some reason are available in Australia, the yarn isn't. I was given some of their alpaca laceweight which I used for a triangular scarf/small shawl, it was very soft but gave off "hairs" which caused me to cough whenever I used it. The experience would never encourage me to use KnitPicks yarn again.

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I have found myself checking out their yarns while trying to figure out how I'm gonna be able to afford making things I want to make. I've been doing some stashbusting, and I made a two-color hat for a friend using Knit Picks Wool of The Andes. It got the job done, but it wasn't really inspiring. Like you said, you get what you pay for. Nothing amazing, but alright enough in a pinch.

The second yarn in the hat was by Quince and Co., and I gotta say, it made me just melt. Now there's a yarn I will happily pay a couple bucks more to knit with! After all, I don't knit to save money (lord, no!).

We're fortunate to have so many options available to us these days that we really can pick the yarn we knit.

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My apologies for that. The store (and web site) is It looks like the site you are referring to is in Canada.

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I sent a note to knitpicks customer service to let them know about your experience - just FYI - they should know how folks think about their yarns and supplies... I invited them to respond to the post string and hopefully they'll do so - they really are a wonderful source - and depending on what you're wanting to make, they have lots of yarns at really great prices...




I wish you had not done that actually. I had planned to write them as soon as I finished the shawl. I wanted to make sure there were no more mistakes to report and see if the rest of the yarn was sufficient.


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I apologize for jumping the gun on the contact to knitpicks - my email was more about bringing to their attention the discussion of knitpicks within the knitting community and on MWK. I am sure they will be more than happy to get your additional message about your particular experience with the pattern, yarn quantities, etc. (I'd send a photo of the shawl with your note - they'd probably love to see your amazing work as well!)



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If it helps - I love their Harmony needles and I had a set where the connector fell off. I emailed them and they sent out a replacement with an apology immediatly.