Fiber Beat, Sunburst Hat, & Bazaar

Just thought I would let everyone know I am on itunes. The latest episode of the Fiber Beat podcast is out and my interview from the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat is on that episode. Go to Itunes, podcasts, and look up Fiber Beat. Find episode 12 if interested. It was a little strange listening to myself but great fun.

On my avatar I am working on a hat at the MFKR. I have just now taken pictures, my daughter is modeling it for me. I have attached those at the bottom. I used some local (tidewater VA) hand spun/hand dyed wool/mohair blend in a chunky weight. The colorway was Tropical Punch. The pattern is from Pie Knits called Subtle Twist. I call it the Sunburst cap because the top with cables reminds me of the sun. It is my favorite hat that I have ever made.

Tomorrow is the Bazaar I have been waiting to "show off my wares." It is a very short one (2 hours at lunch). I need the day off and hope to sell a few items. My wife actually has more in the show than I do but knit and crochet for us is a family affair. If I sell some stuff I can buy more yarn!

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