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I've been away for a while again, I seem to keep falling out of making things and getting distracted by daily life. It's kind of bummed me out a little. Anyways, I've picked up my needles and hooks again after a short dry spell and I've started stitching away. Part of my inspiration are new members to my family, since my cousin gave birth a little while ago. I've made her daughter a little scarf and hat and I'm working on a baby blanket for her now. She's small and cute, so you just have to spoil her a little bit, right? Also, we've adopted a puppy from a shelter. She's small and cute and a little mischievous, but her puppy-face lets her get away with just about anything.

So the latest things I've made were a little hat for the baby and a long scarf for whomever. The hat's just a basic pattern that everyone knows, but I made it a little short so I added some rows of single crochet the the bottom to give it a little more length, and then I added a flower to make it a little cuter. The scarf's just kind of whatever, just some chunky yarn and fringe. But I did get Madi to pose a little bit with it one. Such a cute little girl. Haha.

As a little blurb: I'm kind of thinking about getting into some 'yarn-bombing.' Don't worry, I'm not going to ignite some alpaca and throw it at unsuspecting victims, I don't have the money to waste perfectly good alpaca like that... What I want to do is to make little knick-knacks and hide them around town, or cover poles or trees or whatever with them. Anyways, it's just an idea write now, but it has the possibility for fun.

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I'd let that puppy get away with anything, too.

And bomb away!!!

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Absolutely adorable. And I don't mean the hat and the scarf. (Nice work, though, too.)