Wow, what a lot of activity going on here at MWK for a guy who didn't get logged on for a few days!

First, I just wanted to add my welcome to the new members (excluding the few spammers, of course).  It's really great to see this site growing.  It does my heart good to see all of you guys who knit!

I'd love to find a knitting group in Kansas City that has at least a few guys in it.  I can only imagine that the experience would have to be different than knitting with women.  Not that I have anything against that!  Smile I just finished a sock class where I was the only guy in it and I enjoyed it very much.  If anyone from western MO, or eastern KS is out there, contact me if you're interested in getting a group going.

I didn't comment on all the project photos I saw -- really great work, gents!

Also, I wanted to thank those of you who gave me suggestions for my orangutan mohair yarn challenges.  I haven't had a chance to work on it since my post and I'm finishing up David's clogs (1 down , 1 to go!) for his 40th birthday on the 1st.  In order, I'm going to a) try freezing the yarn for a few minutes before working with it, b) switch to metal needles as I'm using bamboo (yes believe it when Mario says the yarn sticks!) c) try wax or starch d) add another plain yarn for more bulk, then e) last resort, ditch the mohair.

I know a couple of you were wondering where I got the pattern.  It's in a book called "World of Knitted Toys" by Kath Dalmeny.  I found it on Amazon.com  If you like to make toys, this book as a lot of them and most of them look like something I'd be proud to make.  The author has you knit everything flat though and if you can use DPNs or circs, I'd definitely recommend altering her instructions just a bit so you don't have to sew as many seams.  For example, on this orangutan, EACH finger and EACH toe is knitted flat and sewn together! 

Finally, Lars, I'll have two squares for you for the Knit A River package by mid-September.

Bonne nuit pour maintenant!