Three Sweaters and Fred Powell's Schaatsen Mutts

The brown sweater was knit with Jamieson and Smith Sheland DK (discontinued) on 4mm needles. I have no idea why I tacked down the neckband with white wool!! I guess no one will see it when I wear it. The grey sweater was knit with Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool Bulky (also discontinued) on 5mm needles. The green one is a gift for my niece's boyfriend and knit with Briggs and Little Heritage on 5 mm needles. I developed the pattern for all of them and the grey and green are the same except for the size. After I had hand sewn in the zippers I didn't like the look of the back of the zipper showing so picked up stitches from the garter stitch band and knit a facing out of Shetland two-ply and just sewed it down. I am pleased with the result and don't mind the contrasting colours. However, I would, if I did it again, knit the facing before sewing in the zipper as the zipper made the band rather inflexible and awkward to work with.
The coif or Schaatsen Mutts was knit with Briggs and Little Regal on 4.5 needles and I just adjusted Fred's pattern to reflect the different gauge. It is a very comfortable hat.

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You're a real master, Ron. Awesome work.

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They look great Ron, I love that green colour particularly.

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The sweaters are great: love the collars and think the contrasting colour enhance the design.

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Ditto to all the comments, they are wonderful!