Knitting on a loom?

Anyone here knit on a loom (I think that is what it is called). My daughter is 5 (almost 6) and wants to knit with me. I have tried to help her, but she just can't hold the needles and yarn etc. I have heard about these looms and it seems easier. Anyone done it? Do you think a 5 year old can?
It looks like it is just wrapping the yarn around the pegs and then lifting the previous wrap up and over this new one.


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Hello Knit_knot_eat

you could ask Loom Dude, he is a member here.

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Yep - you've got the general idea. It should be do-able for a 5 year old.

I'd say go for it :-)

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It's PERFECT for a 5 year old! My grandson has made hats on the circular one...foolproof!

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That is how I got started, making hats for my kids. It is very easy. Just take much care with the picker. It can be a little needle like and scary to see in a 5 yr. old's hand.

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I use a loom a lot for hats. It's a really fast method of making a simple hat. I've taught 12 and 13 year olds to use them, don't know about a five-year-old, but it's definitely easier than needles. Give it a try, have some patience, and it ought to work.

I know you can make scarves and stuff on them, but I haven't tried it yet.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Teaching your child how to loom can be fun but may also require patience. I have a 5 year old daughter but haven't taught her yet. Soon, when I feel she's more ready. Someone once sent me directions on how to "loom knit" using drinking straws, that might be a good introduction. If I can find them I will post them here.

Loom knitting would be a good way for children to develop their fine motor skills at that age.



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Hello yea knitting on a knitting loom is fun and very good to learn on have made a few hat's on a round loom .....myself