is this a fluke?

suddenly i find myself with oodles more romantic frustration to sublimate and i'd been fawning over the picture of the mitred square afghan/blanket thingie in Mason-Dixon  knitting so i began knitting up the mitres and guess what!?! it's one of the most fun things i've done in awhile and it's forced me to pay enough attention that i am actually managing to carry the second strand of yarn up the side and keeping the carried strand 'hidden' over the course of the contrasting coloured strip about 65% of the time.  that's actually pretty darn good for me since i tend to let it all hang out since the edges are usually going to be buried into a seam, eventually.  problem is, now the hooded jumper that i'm 1/3 of the way into rests at the bottom o' the knitting bag like an accusation.  i've enough frustration to sublimate, enough ambition, but sooo very little time.

also, the striped mitred square thing will put some...well al lot! of that acrylicky goodness i got at Wally-World to good use.  this yarn is so well behaved i'm considering taking back all the bad things i've said about acrylic.  it feels pretty good, not too "hawt on the hands," moves well and doesn't bite the needles as long as they are metal, and the stitches look really crisp without looking "plasticky."  and the colours are good and this stuff was cheap(* a quality i love in yarns but not in men, thank you.*) in fact, the strongest expletive i've used with this particular batch of Simply Soft yarn is "poot!"  the question in my mind is whether there is a real difference in these acrylic yarns i.e., multis vs. solids.  my only experience before now was with multi-coloureds and my experience with them were awful.  now that i'm using single-coloureds it is like a completely different kind of yarn.  does the dyeing process between the two make that much a difference or am i experiencing some kind of fluke?



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a rose is a rose is a rose - but acrylics vary very wildly. and yes, for some weird reason - occasionally you will run across a particular colour in a brand that normally is fine that will be "harsh".

Now - I'm speaking from the viewpoint of someone who knit and crocheted with acrylic 40 years ago - when they were REALLY, TRULY awful -0 the improvment is vast. Though I still prefer a natural fiber when i can afford them.

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I don't mind knitting with acrylic Simply Soft, especially since it's super-cheap and it lets me try out new textures and stitches without worrying about "wasting" the good stuff. I also like that I don't have to pay attention to dye lot. Other acrylic yarns? Not so good. I hate Red Heart because it makes my fingers feel raw after about 20 rows. Yikes.