Gloves for large hands

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

I have decided I would like to knit a pair of fingerless gloves as a gift for someone. Originally I was hoping to use a sock yarn, because he needs to be able to write while wearing these gloves, so I definitely don't want anything too bulky.

Well, so far, I haven't seen any suitable patterns for sock yarn, so I may end up using some of my worsted, Cascade 220 stash, instead. Still, if anyone *does*have a pattern for men's fingerless gloves in sock yarn, it would be great to see it.

Aside from that, my main problem is simply finding patterns in a large enough size. The gift recipient is about 6'2", and of a mature/solid build. It wouldn't be practical to measure his hand, and I want the gloves to be a surprise gift, so I need to use my best judgment for sizing. Finger length won't be a problem, but I want the gloves to be wide enough and for the thumb to be in the right place.

If anyone here is about that size, I'd love to know the length and circumference of your hand (stifled guffaw) so I have some general idea how big to make these things. :)

I like the looks of this pattern:

(sorry I don't see how to turn it into a link), and notice that it's been mentioned on MWK before. If there's anyone here who has made that pattern, could you please tell me if the sizing makes it suitable for a large man's hands? This particular pattern comes in two sizes, and is shown on a female model. That leads me to suspect that the larger size is best for a smallish-medium sized man. The measurements look tiny, but maybe I just don't understand gloves.


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you could also check ravelry. there is an advanced pattern search which allows you to pick project, yarn type, and so on. Give it a try. I will see what I can find.

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I just do a link in standard html like this, I don't know if MWK has anything like that in its features. Most boards do, but I've never seen any formatting controls here.

Speaking of which, Tony is making some fingerless gloves according to a pattern by J. Campbell, which can be found here. It specifies light worsted or sport weight, which is at least more in the ballpark for your wish to do them in sock yarn. (And, Tony's doing them in sock yarn, but with bigger needles than specified.) Plus they are sized for men with medium or large hands.

One thing you might try for knitting them tighter and therefore less bulky, is to use a knitting sheath. I'm just learning myself, but I've done some Cascade 220 on US size 1 steel needles with a knitting sheath, and it makes a very thin but warm fabric.

Here's a link to what appears to me to be the most authoritative explanation of knitting sheaths and how to use them, other than a blog by the same fellow, which contains some videos that make it more clear.

The other key to doing this is to swatch and figure out your gauge. The pattern Tony used above specified 6 stitches per inch on US size 3 needles. Try smaller needles for a tighter gauge, but increase your stitch count for the size you're seeking. And for a swatch to do gloves, it might pay well to do it in the round, about finger size, as a flat swatch might not give you the same results.

You're taking on a pretty serious project here. You want to make something that will fit him well and closely, but without having any specific measurements. Best wishes on making that work.

BTW, this whole message was typed while wearing fingerless gloves that I bought at the Army/Navy Surplus store for $3.99. I want to make my own soon, but these are nice in the mean time.

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I'm working on a "Men's Fingerless Glove" pattern, but they're really not fingerless; the fingers are just short and open. You can see the issues I'm having in my other posts. These are the first pair of gloves for me, so I knit until it doesn't work and I ask for help and or undo. 10" X 7-1/2". My hand is about 10" around measuring from just below the "Y" where the thumb joins the hand and from fintertip to wrist it's about 7-1/2". I generally buy large gloves [ther're more comfortable to me], but, as you seem to be aware, there are men with much much larger hands.

I'm honestly not sure if I started with #3 or #4 DPN's. I do love the combination of the two strands of LANG Yarns JAWOLL Superwash red and burgundy. With the dble strands I have a guage of 28 stitches in 4" and about 10 rows in an inch.

I just pulled out the finger I knitted. You will see why. I'm about to switch to #4's and try again. Tallguy suggested that I knit the pinky first instead of the recommendation in the pattern, continue knitting the body of the glove and then do the other fingers. I think this a great idea. You can see the the pinky is a little lower on your hand then the other three apposing fingers. I've got lots of help here from other Men Who Knit.

I have a few posts on - as well. It's a "Blogger" account. Please let me know if you have any questions. And please let us know how it came out. I'm VERY interested.

Happy Thanksgiving,



Thank you so much to everyone who has replied. It's been very helpful. I've been looking around on Ravelry, and I'm seeing several possibilities, although nothing in sock weight. For some reason, I had thought Ravelry was just a place where people posted their projects, but without any actual patterns to download. I've managed to find all kinds of free patterns for stuff I want to knit for myself, which is kind of unfortunate with gift-giving season coming up!