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Hi men

Ok - I want to start designing my own stuff. was chatting to a (very very good looking guy) at the Melbourne Morris and Sons store and he recommended "Sweater Wizard".

I had a look at the demo and it looks pretty user friendly and coudl be a winner!

has anyone used it? What do you think?

Paul :0


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What was his name?

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My wife and I have sock wizard and it is fairly simple to use. It it by the same company so I assume that it would be equally as easy to use. I am trying to finish my first designing venture.

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could we PLEASE post pictures of the good looking guys when they are mentioned? because that's really what's piquing my interest right now.

don't know the program, so i can't be helpful on that front.

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You might want to check out IntwinedStudio...a charting program.
It write the instructions as you chart the stitches...and if you edit either one it corrects the other! ...and it's cheap with great support!

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ha ha ha

go home and told my other half and he asked if I got his number :)



thaks for the tips too

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Hahaha, you guys crack me up. I only tried using a sweater wizard once, though I'm not sure if it was the same one. I ended up not using it though because it didn't help me understand how it was getting the numbers, and I and my coach were doubtful of the numbers it had turned up. I felt that EZ's percentage system was easier for me to grasp what was going on during the sweater's construction. It's all in my head, but that's the way my head was working at the time.

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Yeah......I use it ALOT ! Sweater Wizard III that is. I have come to repect it's numbers and methods. I use it to get the basic pattern, then export to "Word"...where I can refine the output. It has many different options , working methods, collar styles and sizes. It even includes bear patterns ( by heigth ) and children ( by chest measurement . It includes men's sizing to 60" chest , I think ...etc..... It saves a lot of time and effort. Let me know if you have a particular area you need to know about. Oh gives a very close yardage estimate ! There are others but this is the easiest to learn.......
Steve / hsfg