Addi Lace Clicks

Hi Guys:

Two days ago I got my long awaited Addi Lace Clicks. I had even overcome the guilt of laying out the bucks - long term investment.

The reviews have pretty much said it all......beautifully,seriously pointy, ultra smooth nickel finish (just like the turbos), great cord options (even 16"). Everything that I was looking forward to in these Addis. EXCEPT, and I am trying to figure out if this is a deal breaker for me, there is a hitch when sliding over the join. Not just a little, "Oh did I notice something there?" hitch, but one that has necessitated wrestling stitches over the join and caused me to lose track of where I was in the pattern a number of times. Granted, this is my first day of knitting with them and I am using a loosely twisted and very soft fibre, but I don't usually knit with rope either.

I feel somewhat like a traitor after all of the time that Addi has put in R & D for this set......but today this is where I'm at. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has picked these up and if this is your experience. Maybe, given the price and the name, my expectations are just too high. :-(
- Phil


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Hi Phil,
Good luck with your new needles. I had to laugh when you mentioned that they were pricey. I am new to knitting and found myself at the story yesterday buying new yarn and new needles for a scarf I am making for my son. I had already purchased what I believed to be the correct materials, but found that I didn't read the directions very carefully. Knitting lingo is curiously confusing to me just now. Anyway, as I was driving home, I realized that this was going to be a $50 scarf! At that point I thought about returning things and then going to Target to get him a new scarf. It does get expensive. Now that I am 4 inches into the new scarf...complete with cables (I'm very proud)...I realize it's not about the scarf and the money, it's about the craft and the giving of handmade gifts.

I have asked Santa for a set of circular needles and hope I don't run into the "bumps" that you found on yours. I am getting my set at Knit Picks.

Click here for Nickle Plated Circular Needles

or copy and paste the URL below into your browser.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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You will LOVE your KnitPicks needles! ..the wooden Harmonies sometimes come unglued...(and will be replaced free)..but the metal Options are great!

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Thanks for the endorsement for KnitPicks needles. I look forward to using them!

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I have the wooden knitpicks and LOVE them... couldn't recommend them more!

Grace and Peace,

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A bad join at that price is back alley thievery. I'll be very interested to hear what other Addi click users here have to say. I've never heard this complaint before about Addi clicks. I'm wondering if you just got a bad batch. If it were me I'd take them back.

I've only used the regular (non-clicking) Addis. I buy the 60 inch version of whatever size I need. That way it's good for magic loop and also for a very wide flat piece. The reason I like Addis is precisely *because* they have smooth joins. I mean, what else is there to recommend a circular needle? The smooth nickel plating is very, very nice. But if the join was wonky I sure wouldn't have kept buying Addis.

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The most important thing about circular needles is the join. I've had my share of needles, various makes, and those that were a pain to get the yarn over that join are just not worth anything...even free. I could not bear to work with them. Now when I buy needles, the one thing I always inspect before anything else is that join. It absolutely MUST be smooth! Everything else can be worked with, but not that.

I would have to venture that they must go back. No matter how much you love everything else, if it is going to catch in the slightest for you, you will not be happy with them. They are very good at replacing defective materials; you do not need to put up with poor workmanship at that price.

I have the Options needles, and love them. The join is perfect!

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Thanks so much for these comments guys. Even when in your head you're pretty sure that your expectations are not over the top, some solid confirmation from one's knitting buddies is incredibly helpful. Back they go and Options here I come. - Phil

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Yep....I had the same problems....I was already upset with them when they first came out. The said they included all sizes from smallest to largerst....but my set was missing the #5 and # 10.5.....a new "American sized" group came out....and the #5 was there, but no #13 or #10.5.....What a mess it was when I called them.....I actually threw them away, they gave me no other option....They would not take them back or do anything about it.
They did suggest that I buy the missing needles ! But, the join problem ...they did not even address when asked ! So I will not even try the "lace"..... Heresy I know but I will never again use that company for anything.....I feel so much better.(but my pocketbook still hurts)

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My LYS was great. full refund and sympathy :-) I will order the Knitpicks Options for less than half the price and get perfect joins. I'll also pick up a few pair of Knitpicks 16" circulars and I'm done. Heresy? Seems to me that orthodoxy only stands as long as its continues to reflect some truth about our experience. was nice knowing ya! - Phil