How fast is "fast"?

A profile on here boasts that a particular knitter knits really fast. How fast is that? Can anybody beat 2 stitches per second?

check this out:

don't blink or you might miss the domiknitrix.


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There are times when I am lucky to do 2 stitches a MINUTE!

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After a night’s sleep, I decided that my remark was very much out of context. First of all, I believe that whatever knitting fast for you is fast! After having knitted for at least 35 - 40 years, I believe that easy patterns that you can memorize can be knitted quite fast and of course if you are knitting straight stockinette stitch and you’ve gained good control of your working needle you can knit with ease and quickly. Also, if you are commissioned to create a piece for someone, for a profit, you would want to produce a product fast for the cash!

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I suppose speed is one thing. But I would want to know that the design is working rather than speed. Knitting is supposed to be fun! That is just me. YMMV

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I completely agree with this post!

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i am with mmario. on my current project, with all the frogging, i am looking at a few stitches a season :)
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That was fun. Thanks for the link.