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Okay - this is probably old news to some people - and it may well be that PayPal has had the capability for a long time...

but Ray is the one who told me about it so I'm giving him the credit.

You can now give gift certificates (for example - to Knitivity) via PayPal (see the button on Ray's website; - and have the notice sent on the day you request....(such as Christmas, New Year's, Hogswatch, Soul Cake Tuesday) OR print it out to deliver yourself.

Neat-o, keen-oh really fantasmagorical !

You do need the e-mail address of the person you are sending the gift certificate to...but those can be easily found if you have an online friend -

Want to send something off to a web-friend but don't want to spoil the surprise by asking them for their snail mail address? Send them a gift certificate! ! ! !

AND for those security minded people - yes, you can do it without revealing your own identity if you so desire.

And - furthermore - Ray's colourways I find to be reasonably unique...and his pallette more to my liking then most commercial yarns. When you add in that he will custom dye!!!!!!

Yeah - pretty blatent advertizing - but I like his yarns and want them to continue to be available.


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Ok, that's cool - but what I'm really grateful for is being introduced to Knitivity! Thanks - I didn't know about it, and now I'm scheming up colorways....

Jonathan in DC

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