My First Cowl

My Friends have been bugging me to make them a cowl. I found this pattern as a free download from patternworks. It's pretty easy to knit up, just increases and decreases every inch with a Garter Stitch trim at top and bottom. The model is my beautiful co-worker Tamara.

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Image icon Cowl 004.JPG1.5 MB


Don't have a cowl, man!

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I couldn't find the cowl pattern on patternworks - Will you post a link to it? Maybe I can still get one knit as a Christmas gift.

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Sorry I made a mistake its a pattern from Knit Picks called the Imagination Cowl. Hope that helps.

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Thanks. I'll look on Knit Picks.

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Beautiful work and a great model.

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Wish my co-workers were as easy on the eyes... but the beauty of the cowl *almost* overshadows hers.

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