Finished Socks

I just finished a pair of socks and thought I would share. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out. They make really good slippers or sleeping socks as they are quite warm.

This is an original pattern using the classic Ringwood knit (there's a long tradition of socks and gloves knit using this pattern from the 1700s out of Ringwood England). Heels were turned using a french short row heel and finished out with a french toe.

The socks are about a men's size 11 done in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. I knit these in the round on 4 size 2 needles.


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice. I like the way you continued the pattern into the heel flap. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Craig's picture

Great looking socks

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

really really nice!



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Wow those are great socks. I, too, like the pattern.

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What they said... these look great! Hats off to you. My first pair of socks was my best, and each one has gotten my fifth pair is in purgatory.