some advice, please

i am knitting hoodie from bottom up in the round and am reaching the transition from body to hood. is there a stitch or technique that will provide some structure and sturdiness at the collar?



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There is a technique that the yarn harlot did once on her blog which involved crocheting. However, I always just bind off the stitches and then pick them up again. For me it is just as easy. This is especially important if you don't have shoulder seams (as in a raglan),however, I find even with shoulder seams you need the bind off to keep the shape. Without this the sweater tends to be pulled out of shape. I even do this even if I am just going to add a band of ribbing.

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here's the solution i came to and i am pleased with it:

i double stranded a 2 stitch i-cord bind off and then picked up stitches from the inside edge and proceeded on with the hood. it is solid and attractive and made the pickup invisible. clean practical solution.

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