Happy Holidays and Project updates

So we got a bit of snow in central Ohio today. Just a couple of inches, enough to make everything look pretty, and to shovel.

Not much knitting during the summer months (I got a dog), so I made up for in the last few months. Two Noro scarves got me back in the knitting mood: one for my niece (Kureyon) and one (Silk Garden) just because. Then as it started to cool down I wanted a hat, Malabrigo Motley, used up bits and pieces. And now socks, got to say I really like knitting socks. First a pair for my niece, Circle Socks in Tomato by Knit One Crochet Too. Now my first pair, Paul Atwell Socks in Malabrigo sock Indiecita. Planning on more socks as they're something I can wear while I work.


Kerry's picture

I love the stitch on your socks, and the yarn colour.

You have done some very nice work. I especially like Kiley's socks.

Tom Hart's picture

All your stuff is beautiful. Beautiful work. Nice stitchery. I'm curious about those scarves though. They look like two-sided stockinette. Did you double knit them?

bellton's picture

Its k1,p1 ribbing.

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I always get fooled by that, even when I’m holding it in my hands. Seems to me though (speaking as a novice knitter) that k1, p1 ribbing is very close to double knitting. Double knitting *is* k1p1 after all. I guess the only difference between the two is the first “set up” row where for dk you both knit and purl into each stitch of your cast on. In any event k1, p1 ribbing and double knitting both seem to have a very highly elevated squish quotient.

Your socks and scarves are really beautiful! How did you get rid of the dot-dash effect on the purl side of the K1 P1 scarf? When I do stripes in K1 P1 ribbing I throw in a row of K all when changing colors, to avoid the dot-dash effect on the "good" side. But that only works for something that isn't reversible; your scarves look reversible in the photo.


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The scarf is made with 2 different skeins of Noro yarn, two rows each. The stripping happens naturally and the tension keeps the ribbng looking reversible.

You can check out the pattern on Raverly or Brooklyn Tweed. Its free.

Bill's picture

Everything's beautiful!
...but the Paul Atwell Socks work particularly well with that yarn!

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That is some beautiful yarn you have used for the projects. Your niece's will love the scarves. Have a great holiday.


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Great work. And, as others have said, beautiful yarn!

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Inspired by your socks!!!

I just purchased the pattern through Ravelry. Thanks for bringing attention to such a beautiful pattern . . . and what beautiful work. - Phil

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Very nice. Love the socks, hope you will post pics once finished. The Noro silk garden came out great.

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Wow, the Malabrigo and that sock pattern are perfect together! Enjoy 'em.