It's finally finished!!!!

Hi guys just thought i would stop by and let you all know i have finally finished the aran cable jacket - at last!!!

Im glad its done and now i can wear it during these cold evenings!

I was brave enough to model it for you all!!!

Catch you later


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Bill's picture

Very handsome! Good job on the zipper!

bellton's picture

Great job, it looks wonderful.

rjcb3's picture

Outstanding job!

...and it suits you quite well...


jessemkahn's picture

CUUUUUTE. and the jacket's nice, too.

Kerry's picture

Well done, great colour and it looks good on you.

TomH's picture

Congrats! Good work.

bobshome's picture

That's such a great sweater - it looks allot like a knit jacket I bought in Bavaria years ago. It had deer horn buttons and my mother, the practical type, lined it with a beautiful red, Viyella, cotton shirt. So I then had interior pockets and a slash of color peeking out. Anyhow just to say you'll have it forever and it looks amazing. Good One!

PaulJMC's picture

Looks great mate!!

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

phil_nov1987's picture

Thanks guys, just glad its finished now so i can enjoy wearing it!