Moebiusm Scarf

Hey guys. I am interested in making a moebius scarf. I pattern says to mpebius cast on. How the heck do you do that. By the way, the pattern came from the Menknit mag. It is a pattern by Witt Pratt. It looks nice but I have no idea how to cast on for this. The info I've found on the net makes it sound confusing.


Hi Barry:

 To make a moebius cast on, you use round needles, cast on the required number of stitches and before you start your first row, you twist the first handful of stitches on the lefthand end of the needle fully around. This twist is what many patterns warn you not to do when knitting in the round. Here you break the rule on purpose.

Good luck. 

Charles Voth
Welland, Ontario, Canada

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The easiest way I know to get a true moebius caston is to do a figure 8 caston over two circs. USING the top needle knit the stitches off the bottom needle, then go back and knit the stitches off the top needle in the same direction. this will give you your half twist and join in a loop.

YOu can also cast on a single needle, knit into the yarn under each stitch first without slipping them off the needle, then knit the actual caston.

or you can make a narrow strip, give it a half-twist and graft the ends (making a moebius), then pickup and knit all along the edge.

however you do it you will probably be convinced something is wrong - because your circ is going to twist up all crazylike.

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Thanks Mario and JigraKnits. You explained it ver nicely. Now I understand. Thanks again guys.

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Personally I thought the easiest way to make a moebius is to try and knit something in the round and not twist the stitches on that important first round. Wink

Be sure to post some pictures for us to see. 

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This is a very difficult technique to describe -- it's so much easier to show you!  It is all written out, with pictures, in Cat Bordhi's book "Magical Knitting" (

The only way I can explain it is this way: You take a long enough circular needle and let it twist around like they like to do when you first buy them.  You actually will have it circle back on itself.  You then do a type of provisional cast on, using the cable as the waste yarn, and cast on around both the needle AND the cable.  It's not hard, but it's not something we do every day.  But it is really very simple (too simple).  When you get enough stitches cast on, you then join the beginning to the end, and knit away.  Mark that first stitch.  Because of the way the cable is coiled, you will go around TWICE before you get back to the marker again.  There will be a twist in your knitting (a half turn) and that is what you want.

The rest is just very simple plain knitting.  Cat suggests that you do only a couple rounds in knit, and then several in purl.  You want a reversible fabric -- both sides are going to be "the right side" since both sides will be on the outside at the same time.  This is the mystery of the moebius!  You can also use some pattern stitches, and eyelets, and anything else you like... but make the other side as interesting as the side you are working on.

When your piece is wide enough, do a very loose cast off, or a sideways knit border.  And it is so very simple that it is difficult to get right!