Help! "Tunisian" knit stitch in the round

Hey eveyone! I need some help. A few weeks ago, I posted about the Blue sweater with stripes of a yarn-over pattern that I'd finished, and after some encouragement, I tried to write up the pattern for the sweater. A MWKer has generously offered to test-knit this for me, and with some feedback from him, I've realized that my instructions for one of the stitch patterns wasn't good.

This is a strange stitch from Barbara Walkers "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" that she called "Tunisian knitting" .... no, it's not Tunisian crochet. The instructions she gives are for flat-knitting, and I experimented until I was able to get the stitch to work in the round, but when I went to write up the instructions, I glossed over a lot of the finer points that were important for getting this right.

The stitch consists of two rounds, and on the first round you don't actually do any knitting - it's all yarn-overs and slip stitches. But, the direction of both the yo and the sl st are important, and in my original instructions I had blindly left that out. I've copied my revised instructions below ... would any kind soul agree to attempt this and verify that it works? What you should end up with is something that looks very much like a double crochet, even though it's knitted. So, you get to learn an interesting and obscure stitch, if that's temptation enough.

Tunisian Knitting Stitch in the round

Two rounds are worked for one resulting round of this stitch (in the directions, these two worked rnds will be referred to as 1 rnd of Tunisian st).

Round 1 : * yo knitwise, sl st purlwise wyib. Repeat from *. Note that no stitches are made during this round.
Round 2 : * K the yo together with the sl st through the back loops. Repeat from *.

To make a right-leaning decrease (in place of K2tog), after the 2 sts are knit tog in Round 2, on the following round slip these sts back onto the left needle, pass the 2nd st over the 1st one, and then pass the remaining st back over to the right needle. To make a left-leaning decrease (in place of ssk), after the 2sts are knit tog in Round 2, on the following round pass the 2nd st on the right needle over the 1st st.


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Wow Jon - years ago I tried to do this stitch in the round and could never figure it out. Unfortunately I'm out of commission until after the holidays with tennis (knitting/pottery) elbow from hell, but I will give it a go as soon as I'm back knitting (I realized that's not very helpful, but I did want to express my enthusiasm for you figuring out how to do this in the round).

Jonathan in DC

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Thank you, Jonathan! I hope your elbow gets better ... when I had tendonitis, for what it's worth, I found that drinking licorice tea seemed to help - licorice is supposed to have an anti-inflammatory effect similar to cortisone. Yogi makes a nice tasting licorice tea that you can find at a lot of supermarkets. The only caveat is that drinking a lot of licorice tea over a long period of time can raise your blood pressure.

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Believe it or not, I have some in my cupboard! I'm going to brew myself a cup now. Thanks for the reminder!

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