His and His Magnums

Look what a couple of hours of TV time can produce right before Christmas :-)




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You must have used some pretty jumbo yarn for those!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

Tom Hart's picture

Awesome. Simple and elegant.

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I wonder which TV show was that inspiring. I'm loving the orange one, neat work!

TomH's picture

Both look extremely wonderful. What yarn did you use? What sized needles? Stockinet and grafted together or knit in the round? Were both done with the same pattern?

bobshome's picture

Thanks Tom - I used a terrific Cascade wool yarn called "MAGNUM" then just used very large 19MM's to get that big loose knit. They are stockinet and grafted and there is no pattern. I would have liked to do them in the round but I needed the knit to go in a vertical direction for them to fall properly.

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Similar neck rings are selling for a LOT of money here in San Francisco! Yours are beautifully thought out!

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I love them. I may have to knit some up for myself or gifts. Stunning! How many stitches did you cast on? How long did you knit it before grafting. I'm going to check out that yarn!

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Check them out in my Ravelry page "BOBSWAY"

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Very nice. How many stitches did you cast on? Approximately how much yarn?

bobshome's picture

Thanks - I didn't count I cast on till it filled the 19mm needles and used 2/3 skein for the black one and a complete skein for the orange one. More details on Ravelry "BOBSWAY"

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Oh!!!...I thought you meant the LATEX ones. My bad!

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