Seaming Question

Hello all. I have just finished a basic hat using 2 needles. I need to seam the edge. The hat is stockinette stitch. What type of seam stitch should I use? Any suggestions and tips for seaming would be greatly appreciated....I also need to seam the edges of my big garter stitch blanket. What seam stitch should I use for this? ......Hope everyone on this site has a happy and healthy holiday. Happy knitting and creating....Cullen


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Mattress stitch is your friend, and now is a great time to meet. Here are a couple of links, first to a video showing the mattress stitch and an article from on mattress stitch on garter fabric as well. Good luck with your seaming!

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I agree with Husker.

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this video helped me learn how to do it.

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Oh wow! I've never seen this done before, only heard of it. This seems pretty cool. Whenever I've knit a hat on straight needles, I've used either slip stitch or single crochet to close it up (which doesn't sit too well on your head!) Sometimes I use a quick whip stitch, which comes out invisible too. This could easily become my new favorite method though!