"Christmas Holly" afghan

I found this afghan kit in a thrift store last year.
I decided to finally knit it up. I started it about Thanksgiving and just steamed it to its finished shape tonight.
The poinsettias and holly leaves were done with duplicate stitch. The red strips are cable stitch. Each panel is St stitch. Garter stitch was done around each panel.

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Wow! That is just superb! Wasn't quite sure what I was looking at at first. It looked like three scarves to me at first. Then I re-read your post. And then I looked at the picture again and blew it up a little and I saw that there is red fringe as well as white fringe. Couldn't quite make out the red cables but I'll take your word for it. What a great job! That is one fine looking Christmas afghan. Brilliant job. Well done!

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Brilliant! I would never have finished the duplicate stitching though.....

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Very pretty. But then again how could anything Christmasy not be pretty.

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Looks very Christmasy, that duplicate stitch takes some patience.

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Thanks for the compliments, guys. Yes, the duplicate stitching does take a whole lot of patience, but then again, doing that or just knitting, it's really all the same to me-- sitting with needle(s) and making pretty things. :-)

What a beautiful afghan, but I know that I would have lost patience with the duplicate stitching. Well done.

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That is just scrum-diddly-umptious. That was a very lucky find, and in a thrift store at that.