I made a glove!

Not as tricky as I feared. Started the other one, but wanted to show it off.


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Hey - nice glove. I remember I was intimidated by my first glove and "voila" it was done and fit my actual fingers. Amazing. So yeah - show it off. Good luck with no.2 and BTW nice color.

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It looks wonderful! My first (and so-far last) pair of gloves had holes at the join of every finger and I made the fingers too short... yours look perfect!

Grace and Peace,

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definatly a glove....*grin* Congratulations!

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Nice job. I'm working on my first glove myself. Haven't done the thumb or fingers yet. I'm just about to put the thumb gusset on waste yarn and then proceed to the little finger after a few more rounds. What pattern did you use?

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They look great!
I am going to try a pair as soon as I finish a scarf. I tried a pair before but the 2.5 needles were too small!
I found a pattern for size 7 needles and will try them next. Fingerless gloves!

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Wonderful job. I can't imagine knitting the fingers!

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Look really good James, and you'll need it with all the snow in the UK at the moment.

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Excellent! As you say, not as hard as you had imagined it to be. Knitting a glove, or anything else for that matter, is just a matter of doing one stitch at a time.... and there you are. Perfect... now, don't let any other project intimidate you --- you can do anything!

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I like it! Fingerless gloves are on my list, but I haven't got to it yet.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Good job. I was scared of working on mittens and especially scared of working the thumb. But if you just do one stitch at a time and one series of knitted instructions at a time, before you know it you have gloves or a mitten. Keep up the good work. Happy holidays too.