Afghan Suggestions, Please

I would like to begin work on an afghan project to be completed over the winter months. Being relatively new to knitting, I don't want one that is going to fry my brain with a lot of intricate stitches, but one that is still interesting. A few have you have replied to a different blog I posted and I thank you all for your suggestions. I'm still on the hunt and may incorporate some of your suggestions into a design of my own. Have any men in here made an afghan that you think a newbie could do?

Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!!!



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MMario has a couple of easy designs that could be adapted to any size. I am thinking of, for example, his beginner's lace scarf or stole and his Faux Spanish Lace stole. These could be used with any needle size and wool weight and after making a good sized tension example that you wash and block, you could easily design an afghan of any size you wanted. In my experience, I have found that an afghan made with 100% wool in fingering weight on 4.5 or 5mm needles is much prettier and warmer than a heavy one in acrylic. The easiest afghan or shawl is one that is started in the middle with 8 or 12 stitches on 4 or 5 dp's and then increased at 4 points every second round. You can soon transfer the stitches to a circular needle. Any lace pattern can be incorporated between the increases, or not, and you end up with a lovely square shawl. MMario has one named Spanish Armada that has lace but you could just as easily knit it plain. It is easy because it is all knitting. I have company from Canada for the Christmas season and I am working on a plain one while they are here because it can be put down and picked up without worrying about losing your place and is mindless enough that you can carry on a sensible conversation while knitting it. Second to socks, a shawl is the most satisfying knit there is IMHO!

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Hi MMario....I think our definitions of easy are miles apart, at least at first glance. I will print your reply and try to figure out the "knit-speak". But, I most certainly appreciate your knowledge, I just need to learn from figuring it out.
Happy Holidays!

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That was Ron answering; *grin*

he just dropped my name in there a few times....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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You might consider the Elizabeth Zimmermann Garter Stitch Blanket.

You can see a picture of it at: Brooklyn Tweed's Website

I've never made one, but we got one as a baby gift when Petra (our 2nd - now 11 months) was born and absolutely love it. It's affectionately known in our house as "the uncles' blanket." :-)

Grace and Peace,

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I found the Brooklyn Tweed's site and it is beautiful. I couldn't find the pattern for it anywhere. Any idea where I could get that?

Brooklyn Tweed took it from one of the Elizabeth Zimmerman books. I think it was The Opinionated Knitter.

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Being the maker of the aforementioned "uncle's blanket," I can tell you that it's a great, easy pattern.... and works great in large sizes as well. I did one for us that's 5.5x8 feet... and just as easy. Look on my blog for pictures.

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Hi guys,
Where did you get the pattern for making the "uncle's blanket"?

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Yes, inquiring minds want to know!

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It's on page 52 of the Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann.