My first pair of socks made.

These are the first time I ever made socks. I'll have to say it wasn't to bad. A lot of trial and error and learning.

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They've come out very nicely.

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Well done

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Knitting socks really isn't that hard to do...but don't tell everyone that. You want to keep some of the mystery about it!
Oh, look -- garter stitch sole! Interesting.

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Congrats! I'm working on my first pair for me right now, beautiful Opal yarn in Sir Robbin colorway. I'm looking forward to sinking my feet in them.

I like your yarn choice. The blue wrapping around is a great effect. When I made my first pair I got hooked on the fit. I think you will too. Great knitting!

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Kudos! I just finished a sock tonight, and I'm pumped. The yarn you looks a lot like a ball of Patons wool I have in my drawer. What is it?

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Looks amazing for a beginner's first sock. Seems like you have a bit of a gift for this craft.

Love the sock! I do not have the courage to attempt socks yet.

Andy, I have to agree with another poster's comment, you have a SERIOUS knack for this craft. Your color sense is wildly imaginative. Again, keep up the good work!