Basket Weave Beanie

So I took the Handmade Hat patern and kinda twisted it around a bit and combined it with one that I found through Ravelry (Basket Weave Baby Hat)… I had a few extra stitches, so there is a 3 stitch section that is stockinette up the back. I’m liking the look of it so far… we’ll see if I like the finished product enough to wear it.. lol.

Ok, so I finally finished it.. lol Still not sure I like it.


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I love how the basket weave pattern stitch looks in larger scale. Based on your profile photo, I only hope you have other options until this is completed.

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Wow. It looks great and I like the large scale too. Is this on circular or dp needles? I hope you wear it. It would be a fun look.

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lol... this is on a 16" US8 for now... I'll go down to DPNs when I get close to the end of the decreases on the crown. I fell in love with this basket weave pattern when i saw it for a scarf through Knitting Daily on Rav. The pattern I found was for a scarf, but then I found the one for the baby hat. hehe... woo hoo :)

You're right, Joe... My bald head gets cold when the temperature's drop... hahaha.

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Looks great! What kind of yarn? How's it feel?

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It is Zealana New Zealand Merino Wool DK 8ply
80/20 Merino and Cashmere

Feels nice and soft. :) It is a bit loose though.. haha.. but that works. I'm sure it will shrink just a touch even with hand washing.. haha

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The merino/cashmere blend sounds luxurious. The first hat I made (a Santa Claus hat, about a month ago) was way big. So I made a second one right away and cast on about 30 fewer stitches. And it turned out fine. I can't wait to work with some merino or even merino/cashmere in a DK or sock weight. Just finished my first fingerless glove (picture soon) using Encore and Wool-ease (wool/acrylic blends) worsted weight. It came out alright but my finishing needs some work. As soon as I can turn out one that I'm completely satisfied with I'm going to go to my LYS and pick out some fine, high end yarn. Congratulations on your first hat! It's an accomplishment. Especially one that you more or less designed yourself!

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oh, this was one of many hats i've made so far. haha.. I just finished an LSUish hat for a friend. He is a TOTAL goober for LSU.. hahaha. I have to post a pic of it on my Rav list