Manos Del Uruguay Four Seasons Throw

Current major project is a Manos Del Uruguay Four Seasons Throw (Fall). Each block is a different color and a different pattern, and each presents different execution challenges for me (rusty, inexperienced knitter).

Would very much like to connect with anyone who is familiar with this pattern/project.



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Hi Stephen...I've made three of these afghans. The first one I made as a gift for my mom, but I loved it so much I had trouble giving it to her. Then my niece asked me for one for her college room so I made another one. Finally, I had to have one of my own, so I made a third one.

I'd be glad to try and help out in any way I could.


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Hi Joe,

Glad there is someone here who has done this pattern. Find myself rather vexed with my knitting limitations. It's two rows forward, one row back sometimes, but I'm learning a lot both in understanding stitches and in muscle memory. Think I need a second project I can pick up when I am too tired or frustrated and need a break from this one. Then again...there is always that towel warp I need to get on my Glimakra.