NYE Resolution: Knit and post more frequently.

I'm throwing caution to the wind and testing the sweater curse by knitting the Joukahainen sweater for my partner. Elemmaciltur made it awhile back and I can only hope this one turns out as well as his.

I almost went the Cascade 220 route, but instead opted to use Berroco Vintage in the lovely new Pumpkin color.

Hill Country Weavers is having a 20% off everything sale, so I went on a Habu shopping spree. A couple of other bags of yarn came home with me two weeks ago, so my stash definitely overfloweth.

This weekend, I'm going to a meeting at The Blanton Museum of Art being led by Magda Sayeg. The project is to adopt one of the 99 trees in the museum plaza and cover it in knitted splendor during the giant UT open house weekend in March. I can't wait to get my camera all over that!

Let the fun begin.


Tom Hart's picture

Looking forward to the photos, Darrel!

Asplund's picture

Lucky partner! I like your choice of colour for this sweater.


ronhuber's picture

Beautiful colour. I am sure you will have no problem with the classic Elizabeth Zimmermann design. You will find that it goes quite quickly. Best of luck.

mrossnyc's picture

Good luck, I've made 2 sweaters for my partner over the years (and he wears them) so I don't give much credence to the curse.

The tree project sounds interesting and look forward to seeing the pics.

jessemkahn's picture

Joukahainen be serious!! If you're at the "partner" stage, I think the curse is moot. It's only in effect in the early "boyfriend" stage as I understand it.

Darrel's picture

I'll go with your theory :)