Auctioning off Knitting Things

Hey guys...I forgot to mention in my post the other day about the men's spring knitting retreat.

I've also put up an auction page of personally donated knitting items (eight in all) that can be one for a one dollar (U.S.) contribution.

All proceeds of the auction will go toward a scholarship for sending someone to this year's men's spring knitting retreat.

If you'd like to bid, click here to bid on items in the lottery.

Good luck!


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How is this going?

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Hey's going very well.

There were two personal and anonymous contributions of money for scholarship funding and combining those with the auction results, it appears I'll be able to off two full scholarships (quad room accommodations) with a $400 travel stipend.

I'm just about to post a QueerJoe blog entry and I'll post something here as well.

The generosity of the folks in the men's knitting community as well as the women who support us is never less than inspiring to me.

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Great idea Joe, and thanks for your generosity with your knitting stuff. I've joined in myself and I hope others do as well.

BTW, technically you're not auctioning anything off, you're raffling it off. The contribution gets you a chance in the raffle, not the item itself, like an auction would.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."