Here is a few photos of the Herringbone vest im knitting on my chunky knitting machine. I was inspired by the Herringbone sweater in Erika Knights Mens Knits book

Hope you all like it so far.

Phil x

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P R E T T Y !

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Very nice!

Looks great! I admire you for being brave enough to take on a herringbone knit design. I love the look, but am just too chicken as yet to try. Excellent job.

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Looks great! I can't wait to get enough confidence to do something like that and stop with the multi-colored yarn, garter stitch scarves. :)

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Beautiful! You're an inspiration. I want to try something like that.

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Very impressive! how on earth do you do a herringbone on a machine?

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Hi Jesse

I designed a punch card to use on my machine. As the carriage passes the punch card reader it tells the carriage which needles to select for which colour yarn. Its as easy as that!

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Ah, cards!!! I'd love to get into big knitting like that, but so far, it's just me and my hands.

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Thanks for all the comments guys, cant wait to finish it. Px

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That is really exceptional. I'm wondering whether you needed to try out a number of different patterns to get the herringbone pattern just right or did you get it on your first punchcard?

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H Joe, lets say i worked it out on paper first then transfered it to the card!