A couple of new items

I just finished a cap in 80%Baby Alpaca and 20%Bamboo. It's soft and warm BUT I'm not so sure about the retro look of it? It might have to be moved on.

Also - I don't remember sharing this with you. It was a pre-holiday knit and I wore it throughout the holidays.



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Maybe I don't understand the term "retro", but I like the hat very much. I do like that vest design too. I can see why you wore it all through the season! Fits very well. Any details you wish to share?

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Hey Tallguy - thanks. The retro comment perhaps isn't obvious in this pic. The hat has a large ribbed rim like a fisherman's cap. So it does have an older look to it.
My vest was an interesting knit. I just took the pattern of a PHILDAR vest and added the houndstooth pattern to the front. Quite simple really.

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I, too, like the hat - it looks warm and soft as you said. I hope you keep it and use it. The vest is gorgeous. The design (houndstooth?) is stunning.

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The vest looks great on you.

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Both look great and are keepers!

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I clicked on the hat and it took me to flicker. I especially like the top shot of the hat. Beautiful. Masterful! The vest is a stunner. Looks great on you.

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I think they're both wonderful, but if you have to move the hat on, I can send you my address. ;-)

Think less, enjoy it more.

They both (the hat and the vest) look absolutely incredible. I wouldn't part with either of them. Excellent job.

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I would say "classic" rather then "retro" - design elements that keep re-occuring because they WORK - whereas to me "retro" is for design elements that can be pretty well assigned to a period of time - because they tend to be faddish.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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First - Thanks guys I appreciate all the positive comments. MMario - lol - leave it to you to make crystal clear a situation - you're terrific at it. Thanks. I have to agree and while I appreciate the classics - they are not me. Stay tuned for the upcomming hat (called "tuque" pronounced tsück, which is specific word for a knit winter hat, here in Montreal).